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4 Steps To manage diabetes to lead a normal healthy diabetic life

Posted by : Sweet Clinics on | May 21,2021

4 Steps To manage diabetes to lead a normal healthy diabetic life

Living with diabetes can be challenging but this should not prevent a diabetic from leading a normal life, as long as, they can keep their blood sugar under control. Today we would like to share our 4 step approach to help diabetics lead a normal life which Dr.Vinod Methils our chief diabetologist at our Vashi center advises his patients. Patients who have followed this approach have seen significant improvement in their lifestyle and we hope it can help you to.. so here we go


  1. Learn about Diabetes: Today there is a plethora of information available on each aspect of diabetes. One of key reason people turn up in our OPD with diabetic complication as they often tend to ignore early symptoms. They only reach the diabetologist once the complication become severe. Diabetic can manage themselves better by being aware of how diabetes can affect the body and what self-precautions one needs to take. Thereby, preventing unnecessary complications. After all Diabetes is called a Silent Killer for a reason. So go ahead use that internet for acquiring more knowledge about diabetes. If any doubts always feel free to send us an email and we will help resolve your doubt.
  2. Know the ABC of Diabetes:
    1. A – A1c levels (commonly known as HbA1c): The Glycated haemoglobin (HbA1C) test gives the average blood sugar levels for the past 3 months. As a general rule the HbA1c levels should be near or below 7. However, if HbA1c level is higher than 8. It indicates higher blood sugar and relatively higher chances of diabetic complications. These levels also help the diabetologist set targets to bring the blood sugar levels back within normal range.
    2. B – Blood Pressure: Diabetes is known to causes atherosclerosis, which results in blocking of the arteries. This often causes high blood pressure in diabetics. Hence, a high blood pressure would indicate that diabetes has started to affect the blood vessels. If the BP has been very high for a while, it would be an early warning sign for the diabetologist to initiate further testing to understand how much damage is done in the body. The blocking generally takes place where blood vessels are thinner in organs like eyes, kidney & heart walls etc. Hence, the diabetologist may suggest test to check functioning of these organs based on his examination. Hence, diabetics should periodically keep a check on their Blood Pressure levels. With the normal range bring 120/80 mmHg.
    3. C – Cholesterol – HDL & LDL levels: Diabetics in general have a high cholesterol level.  There are 2 types of cholesterol HDL (High-density-lipoprotein cholesterol) a.k.a Good Cholesterol & LDL (Low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol) also known as bad cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is know to get deposited in the blood vessel leading cardio-vascular diseases. Being Diabetic accelerates the deposition increasing the risk CVD risk. Hence, by periodic testing of Cholesterol levels helps the diabetologist assess the risk and take corrective measures. Hence, knowing the ABC of diabetes helps a diabetic and the treating doctor understand the health profile and take necessary measures to keep diabetes & its complications in check
  3. Learn to live with diabetes: Having diabetes can make one anxious stressed and at times depressed. Nonetheless, one needs to understand that people can still live a healthy happy life even if their diabetes cannot be reversed. As stressing about the fact that one is diabetic only increase the Blood Pressure, which is not good to have as we discussed above. Hence, instead of fussing about it best for diabetics to consult their diabetologist like Dr. Vinod Methil who can suggest coping mechanism to the new way of life. Something diabetics can do are meditation, acquiring new hobbies etc.
  4. Testing & Follow-ups: Keeping up with the testing for blood sugar and the ABC levels discussed followed by timely diabetologist follow-up can help identify and mitigate any diabetic complications. Being proactive to understand and communicate to the treating doctor about any adverse symptoms is the best way move forward with diabetes treatment.


At Sweet Clinics, by advising the above stated 4 step method to live a diabetic life we have helped patients reverse their pre or early diabetes. While patients for whom diabetes cannot be reverse have been able to live with a normal diabetic life. So we you have any more queries please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.




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